Established in 1998, Tactic is rooted in the city we still thrive in. Throughout the brand’s earliest years, we produced hand-cut, screen-printed garments. Now, we use innovative techniques to create comfortable and personal cycling kit for every ride.

    From the pro peloton to your local coffee house, Tactic is recognised across the globe. Building a brand like this, and a collective in its footsteps, involves real connection. To understand the demands of riding, the first step is knowing the rider. Through our instinct and culture, this task is simple at Tactic.


Riding bikes is encouraged and expected, and there’s always time for the team to ride at lunchtime or later in the afternoon. Showers, laundry machines and secure bike storage make part of the package. But it’s not just these facilities that allow us to foster a sense of community.

Driven by the need to ride, our designers know each discipline. Gravel riders, roadies and the wildest mountain bikers complete the team. With this experience and hunger for the trails, practical ideas and new concepts come naturally to us. When you visit our factory in Girona, you can see the passion for yourself.

Our team hits the road to test each new product, with some external guidance too. If we can put products to the test and enjoy them, we know that they stand the test of time. An intricate knowledge of each discipline gives us confidence in our cutting-edge designs.

With three key lines in the Tactic Collection, our development strikes a balance between performance and style. There’s a kit for every challenge or diversion you might encounter on the roads. And when you hit the trails, you can pack all the essentials and focus on the ride without distraction.


  • Tactic Custom means that you can choose your own kit design and colours, with all the same high-performance features you’d expect across the Collection. We work closely with our clients to ensure the best results from our tailored service. If you’d like to order for your team, you can visit our factory to meet us and see our process first.

    The best cycling kit for your ride needs to perform with you. Our designs feature unmatched technologies so that no matter how far you ride, your kit won’t let you down. We listen to feedback from our riders through every stage of the process, so that the features on your kit make hard days easier.

It’s details like these that give Tactic a place in the peloton too. Our sponsorship of the Decathlon Ford Racing Team and Groove Gravel Team, put Tactic on the world stage. With Tactic Custom, we support local and national teams competing in road riding, mountain biking, triathlon and an incredible range of other disciplines.

With each new product, our clients and colleagues receive high-performance clothing to make light work of any distance, gradient or terrain. As the need for enhanced technologies grows stronger, we answer with the right concepts.

But all this is just the beginning. Our restless spirit drives us to keep this momentum and watch our collective grow stronger. Tactic is more than just the name on your kit: it stands for 25 years of innovation, firmly rooted in Girona.